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DPOD is a big client in printing industry which I have worked on its entire system for almost 3 years, it contains  "Quoting App (Windows Form based) ", "Touchscreen App (WPF – Windows based) ", "Online Client Ordering (ASP.NET AJAX).
It’s Business workflow diagram designed by me as followed.

International Telematics

Another architectural design I have made for International Telematics, which is about processing xml data from a GPS firmware to SQL server, then store it for different application uses.


Universal Login, a solution providing single sign-on services for 10 different DNNs site. UMS Reporting System, business reports showing the demographics of 100,000+ members.

Market Pulse

One of the 20+ reports I have designed within “MarketPulse”, the data source is partially based on a Data cube (Data Warehousing) and relational table in SQL Server 2008.

Name : Albert Ho
Nationality : Chinese / New Zealand

I am a solution lead with 15+ years in the I.T. industry.

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